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I think I've finally perfected my RuPaul's Drag Race prediction spreadsheet, and it's been really interesting to watch the numbers over the last few eps. This week, Loosey LaDuca skyrocketed from 7.94% similarity with past winners to 29.64% -- but if she wins the Rusical next week (and she's a musical queen) she'll plummet back down to 8.44%, because no season winner has ever won the Rusical.

Current predictions (based on averaged similarity to past winners) are:

  • Luxx Noir London (40.36%)
  • Loosey LaDuca (29.64%) (as long as she doesn't win next week)
  • Sasha Colby (18.93%)
  • Mistress Isabelle Brooks (18.93%)

I said early on that Luxx seems like she's playing the role of a Drag Race winner, and so far the numbers have proven it