Tyler Robertson

I love to build small but useful things, write, and make weird art for weirdos.


Friends: I really want a desktop PC for gaming. But, I want it to be as small as physically possible. What should I get?

@tyler a steam deck?

Managing the size/power tradeoff yourself is hard, especially as you get real small.

You can build a small form factor (that's the thing to google for) machine, but you have to get selective about components. At some point, it's easier and cheaper to have Valve worry about it for you.

@xavdid@mastodon.social thank you!! that’s exactly what I was thinking, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing some obvious alternative. order placed πŸ₯³

(Also my partner pointed out that I can play the steam deck on our flights back to the states this year, and that absolutely clinched it for me)