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Reminding myself that I’m an adult by adding “mustard (good)” to my shopping list

(Also my partner pointed out that I can play the steam deck on our flights back to the states this year, and that absolutely clinched it for me)

@xavdid@mastodon.social thank you!! that’s exactly what I was thinking, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing some obvious alternative. order placed 🥳

Friends: I really want a desktop PC for gaming. But, I want it to be as small as physically possible. What should I get?

I said early on that Luxx seems like she's playing the role of a Drag Race winner, and so far the numbers have proven it

Current predictions (based on averaged similarity to past winners) are:

  • Luxx Noir London (40.36%)
  • Loosey LaDuca (29.64%) (as long as she doesn't win next week)
  • Sasha Colby (18.93%)
  • Mistress Isabelle Brooks (18.93%)

I think I've finally perfected my RuPaul's Drag Race prediction spreadsheet, and it's been really interesting to watch the numbers over the last few eps. This week, Loosey LaDuca skyrocketed from 7.94% similarity with past winners to 29.64% -- but if she wins the Rusical next week (and she's a musical queen) she'll plummet back down to 8.44%, because no season winner has ever won the Rusical.

I don’t use Twitter anymore, but I still have an account there — today a friend texted me a funny tweet, and I noticed a very kind notification describing my spreadsheet work as “stunning, frenzied craftsmanship”, which I love 🥰


Anyway, if anyone has a direct Bennifer line, they can have this one

So then the film becomes sort of like Hitch but it’s J-Lo teaching single women how to land husbands, while keeping her failing marriage a secret. Eventually someone finds her divorce papers and it all falls apart, but simultaneously Ben’s character comes to his senses and starts making up for his transgressions too, and they fall in love again! Then the movie ends with her book being about how all parties in a relationship need to pull their weight for it to succeed, and they all live happily ever after.

And then I woke up!

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