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@keith@cute.is I’m the worst: I use the built-in MacBook trackpad for work, a Kensington Pro trackball (wireless) at home, and I’m strictly a controller gamer

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I want the “double tap to leave a heart which indicates that you both read and appreciated the message” feature but for email

that’s pogress baby

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Hi how are you today I’m good I just realized that I said “pogress” in a recording instead of “progress” and I can’t be bothered to redo it

ok I’m working on one web project too but only because it’s fun and for nice people!

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Like literally all my free time right now has been spent on making chainmail that I might never post here, or anywhere(!), and I forgot how nice it felt for things to be just mine

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My relationship to the internet, and making stuff for it, feels like it’s taken a much healthier turn this year. Getting a notification actually means something again — instead of thinking, “dammit what do I have to do to get numbers” now every time it’s like “aww yay, hi Casey!” And now I only spend time making things if I want to, not because I think people want me to. It’s nice

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I don’t know about you all, but I’m really enjoying using Twitter less

Kudos to #SGDQ for all the masks in the audience today!

Back on my bullshit and playing around with one-handed typing layouts again: https://configure.zsa.io/moonlander/layouts/NZaga/latest/0