Tyler Robertson

I love to build small but useful things, write, and make weird art for weirdos.


Abolish TurboTax

I was happily wrong! Interestingly, Luxx remains at the front of the pack when it comes to similarity to past winners.

@sue@glasgow.social I remember my mom took an online course like ten years ago or so, and the main chat showed what each person was typing, only committing the messages to the timeline after hitting submit. Can confirm that was also fucking weird

Going into an office again is so weird. It’s like camping: “Did I pack my water bottle? What about food? Snacks? What if there are bears?”

Just making a note of this here before I see this week's RPDR episode: according to my spreadsheet, either Sasha Colby or Mistress Isabelle Brooks will go home this week. (Personally my money is on Mistress, given Sasha's never gotten notes about her makeup skills (that I can remember))

[Deep Rock Galactic voice]: SQUASH AND MERGE!

@jhpot@mastodon.social “oh like a plastic surgeon?”

“well, there is silicon…”

Telling people outside of tech that I’m a backend developer will never not be funny

I think the one thing that AI has definitely proven is that we all loved Mad-Libs as children

Love how a “oh yeah, we can do that repair no problem, in and out in a couple of hours” can so quickly turn into a “sorry mate, just going to have to dismantle your whole kitchen. might be done this week”

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